The orange one spoke first

Once upon a time there was a……. “IM A ROCK STAR OH YEAH IM SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!”. “Steve SHUT UP Im trying to tell a story so shhhh !”.

Okay so Once upon a time there were 2 bobbles one was orange and the other was…… “I AM THE QQQUUUEEEEEENNN I AM THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!


Any way there was and orange one and a blue one the orange one spoke first it said…….. “ I AM AMAZING I AM GREAT!”. “ you know what I give up IM AMAZING TOO.

The Statue

It was a dark and stormy full moon shinning night kids running around with costumes its HALLOWEEN.

“Trick or treat” said one kid. “Trick or treat”said the other. Peoples buckets full of candy and houses covered with decorations well except for one house, everyone in the street calls it freak house. Well even without halloween decorations it still looks creepy the reason everyone calls it that is because long ago there was a man in that house he was happy and kind but on the full moon of halloween he stepped on a gravestone and transformed into a statue that’s the statue we see today and no one has touched that house ever since.

   Why We Should Have Monkeys In Class


Dear every teacher in the world, it is UTTERLY stupid that children don’t have monkeys in the classroom if you don’t agree then see my point.


When children feel the touch of a monkeys they feel comfortable like they can do anything that feeling will boost our confidence to have monkeys because they are smart fun and cute.


Monkeys have never kicked, punched or have been frightening to a child.


Plus monkeys are little brown of white bundle of fur they not as distracted as a balloon.


So now are you convinced to let us have monkeys in class if not READ IT AGAIN!